Many of the original photos found in this section were scanned directly from original photo albums of the Anderson family, courtesy of Jennie Rossotti of Petaluma, California.  Jennie and her family now own the former cabin of Dr. Walter Anderson (grandson of the Anderson-Patriquin families who founded Anderson Springs in 1873).  Dr. Walter Anderson entrusted his photo albums to Jennie, who had worked for many years in his medical office in Petaluma.  Jennie has been most gracious to allow me to scan these albums, a small portion of which is now posted via this website for others to enjoy.
Photos of Travelling to Anderson Springs...
Photos of Arriving at Anderson Springs...
Photos of the Old Hotel in Anderson Springs
Photos of the Hot Springs and Bath House in Anderson Springs
Photos of Cabins at Anderson Springs
Photos of Creeks and Falls around Anderson Springs
Photos of The Geysers, 6 Miles from Anderson Springs
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