Another 'quake jolts Anderson Springs
By Margaret Gan-Garrison - Record-Bee staff
Fri May 23 03:00:12 2003 -- ANDERSON SPRINGS - Residents at Anderson Springs were jolted yet again by an earthquake on Wednesday morning.

An 3.4 magnitude earthquake shook the area at about 7 a.m. The epicenter was 2 miles northwest of Anderson Springs and was about 2 miles in depth.

"It felt like there was an explosion under the house," said Connie Dethlefson.

"It about knocked me off my feet, every window shook. The books fell, pictures fell. It scared the cats - and the dogs wouldn't stop barking," she said.

"It was absolutely horrible. It shook my whole house," said Meriel Medrano, local resident and manager at Anderson Springs Community Service District. "I had just gotten out of bed. It was noisy, loud and scary. It was not a tremor. Just a very hard jolt."

Medrano added, "We also felt the earthquake that was a magnitude of 4.2 that was north of the Geysers, the day before."